Wednesday 5 February 2014


Hi there!
This page used to lead to a little Australian-based shop that sold lovely organic children's clothes, but we have decided to close that down. We are clearing out the last of our stock via our facebook page and personal contacts, so if there was something you had your eye on, let us know and we can check our remaining stock for you.
I just wanted to write this post so that you knew what was going on if you came back here for some reason.
Basically, we started the site to give other people in Australia the chance to own some of our favourite clothing that we discovered when we lived in the UK with a baby. But we had some issues with the opposite seasons and competing with the company's own clearance sales, plus the relentless social media and promoting that seems to be necessary for small businesses these days. And then I went and got an unexpected job and suddenly had even less time for maintaining and promoting our growing business. A lot of our stock has been sitting untouched for almost a year now, so while we still love the clothes ourselves, it was time to admit that running that type of business was not for us.
So I've done a clear out, aired out the clothes (some of the biodegradable bags had started to break down), kept aside some things for my own kids and as gifts and the rest is going out for less than we paid for it over on facebook tomorrow afternoon/evening.